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rehab gym at the Creekside healthcare facility

This was my first time having to stay in a care facility and had no real baseline to compare it to. With that said, I had 2 family members die, years apart, in the same facility not related to Creekside Post-Acute. I did not want to be here when I first arrived. I don’t think anyone wants to be here. Two and a half years ago the world acted so gratefully for what they called “essential workers”, but they have been forgotten. Every one of the staff members at Creekside remains essential to the lives of every one of the 130 residents. Every business has employees that do their jobs and do it well. While at the same time there are those that are content with doing a mediocre job. We can only hope that they stay away from healthcare altogether. During my stay I was in the care of absolute rock star nurses (you know who you are), as well as mediocre nurses (and you know who they are), no names need to be mentioned. The therapists deserve special mention because of what they must endure. I do believe that the therapy department can benefit from a few inexpensive items such as a paddleball, and a whiffle ball and bat with a batting tee. I also want to commend the custodial staff for the job that they do. My biggest complaints were always about the food. However, the food here helped me to lose 10 pounds in a healthy manner. I am diabetic and the nurses helped me to better understand the difference between the insulins I was taking and as a result my glucose was kept under control, and I hope to keep it that way. I want to close by saying thank you to the entire staff at Creekside for helping me when I was in need.

Mr. Mario

Google Review, 5-stars

Visited this place a couple times for a family member and the staff was great. Quick and easy check in up front helped me to spend more time with my family. Our first day we were given a tour, which made us feel more welcomed there. The nurses are all great and I feel they don’t get enough credit for the amount of work it is to care for so many people. Luckily my family member was only in there for a short amount of time, but has made great strides in their quality of life. Thankful for all the great care that was provided to my family. Highly recommend them.

Adrian A.

Google Review, 5-stars

Nice facility!! Went to see the building on a visit and was very impressed with the physical therapist. They really seemed to care and were doing their best to help the residents regain their health and strength. Also creekside has a very big and open courtyard area out back. Great for walking and spending time outside.

Jared C.

Google Review, 5-stars

My husband was one of the patient in Creekside Post-Acute and we appreciate the warm, friendly and exceptional staff. We would like thank from the Admission Dept (Zharlene & Cristina), Kim (BOM), Emil (Kaiser Case Manager), and lastly Josie (Director of Nursing) who always help us from the very start of my husband’s admission. The entire staff in general goes above and beyond. I feel totally confident that when a patient is placed in this facility, their needs will always be met with kindness and sincerity.

Brenda C.

Google Review, 5-stars

The nursing staff is so friendly and is always caring for my mother. Sometimes I am anxious and worried about leaving my mom in their care, sometimes it keeps me up at night… But the nursing staff has always been on top of things and communicates well whenever there is a change or an update. They always answer my questions if I have any. Nurse Gerry especially will always ensure that my mom is well taken care of. Thank you Creekside!

Wubs M.

Google Review, 5-stars

Rehab here is pretty good. Overall staff is very good when it comes to residents. Aubrey Is one of the good CNA and check with me all the time if I have any concerns. This facility is old but they always maintained cleanliness all the time.

Larry P.

Google Review, 5-stars

Creekside is a wonderful facility with caring, professional staff. My grandma has lived in the facility for awhile now and is very satisfied with her treatment. Josie is very attentive and provides excellent care.

Jessica Y.

Google Review, 5-stars

Happy Chef here. Our dietary team have provided and continue to provide loved ones with three (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) full course meals, a day. Our dietary team have honored: culture, religious, vegetarian-vegan, fortified, carbohydrate, renal, mechanical, puree, lactose free, gluten free, and low fat/low cholesterol diets; and much, much more…. We have and will continue to catered to love ones, family and friends with nutritious food and beverages. We produced and served over nine thousand meals a month, at Creekside Post-Acute.

Darryl Y.

Google Review, 5-stars

Team. The floor staff is very friendly, happy, helpful and caring!! I highly recomment this facility for your loved ones!!!

Gretel M.

Google Review, 5-stars

Creekside post acute provides high level of care requiring advanced training and certifications. Skilled nursing care provided by or under the direct supervision of licensed health professionals, such as registered nurses (RNs), licensed vocational nurse (LVNs), therapists, dieticians, Doctors, wound NP etc. Examples of skilled nursing services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy, wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, injections, catheter care, continual monitoring of medical signs, and the use of medical equipment to support the patient’s care needs and monitoring of vital signs and medical equipment. Creekside Post-Acute’s goal is to restore function following an illness or injury so older adults can get back to the people and activities that they love.

Lysa V.

Google Review, 5-stars

If I had to come again in any facility, I will come back here again. The Rehab are the best!! I love all of them and all the staff inside!

Manju S.

Google Review, 5-stars

If you wanna feel homey facility this it the right place. Every staff treat you a family. Would definitely recommend Creekside!

Doods M.

Google Review, 5-stars

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